Modern windows are no longer just one of the designs of the house - they have become real works of engineering, window restoration has become very popular.

The most important element of the whole window is its frame. For example, wooden ones have high thermal and sound insulation properties, but at the same time require careful and annual maintenance.

And if you chose aluminum as the material for the frame, then you can forget about taking care of its appearance and caring for it.

But metal does not retain heat well. The most ideal in our time is considered a metal profile.

It combines all the good sides and advantages of metal, wood and plastic.

In urban conditions, a significant role is played by the soundproofing properties in which the PVC profile has no equal, because it is completely tight.

Plastic windows do not require constant care, and during everyday use do not change their geometric dimensions.

The main advantage for many buyers of plastic windows is its price. It is 50-100% cheaper than a wooden or aluminum window.